Submit to Behind a Door

We would love to publish your art and writing. Our categories for submission are: 

Art – drawings, photographs, paintings, collages, sculpture, anime, or comics
Poem – poetry
Idea – rants, screeds, philosophical musings
Story -short fiction
Report – journalism 
Memory/Recollection – memoir, creative nonfiction
Scenes – single scene script or libretto
Sustenance – recipes and food writing
Sartorial – everything from knitting patterns to fashion writing
Advice, 5¢ – send your questions and/or your answers
Ritual – video or audio recording of quietude, for example: bees buzzing, cat purring, clouds, or original music compositions.

Podcast: Please be in touch if you or someone you know would like to be interviewed about their experiences during quarantine. Conversations can be done anonymously or not – it’s up to the interviewee. 

Maximum word count: approximately 2000 words. For art images, a width or height maximum of 960px, file size maximum: 1MB.

 We are currently in Phase I of the project, during which we pay no one, including ourselves. Phase II will include funding; we are currently in search of it.

    Thank you!