Featured Project: TheAnswerPage

We first encountered this dotcom in 2001 when the site was a boutique hobby for three Boston doctors. After we rewrote the functionality of their continuing medical education site in order to match several pivots in their business model, TheAnswerPage became the selected provider by New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida for continuing education for medical professionals, boosting their revenue thirty-fold.


I trust you.” – John Van Horn, owner, Parking Today

There’s no one like you.” Juan Ochoa, assistant director, Compass Family Services

I cannot tell you how much this has helped reduce the amount of emails, book work etc!  THANK YOU THANK YOU” – Emma Hofmann, owner, Lazy H Ranch

We integrated a legacy 30+ year old database that stored customer info and product pricing, with a LAMP website, and a Filemaker schematics database. Now Bavco can offer their key customers an online quote system dramatically improving their customer’s experience. Some people just don’t like picking up the phone anymore.

Hollywood Reporter - Raw Data software app example

We were under contract at Nielsen, Inc. for several years to support their Media Group, which included Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, and Backstage magazines. During that time, we rewrote the online store and digital version of the Hollywood Creative Directory, doing data migration and automated feeds across different channels of Nielsen. Since then, we continue to help The Hollywood Reporter with special listings for the Cannes, AFM, and EFM film festivals.

We produced the original version of Cosmic Mates, an iOS app that calculated the user’s numerology chart in a graphically rendered “birth star.”  Our version of the app was voted an iTunes Staff Pick. The app saves profiles and can run relationship compatibility between two people.

Designed to help motivate athletes when running or working out we developed this iOS app for Harvard doctor entrepeneurs in Boston. It was technically complex as it leveraged client-server integration and facebook so that a user can receive cheers recorded by friends and family, or the user can select from a series of cheers in a cheer library as well as contribute new cheers to that library.

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